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The Antikythera mechanism and the mechanical universe


Prof Mike Edmunds, Cardiff University


How did our view of the universe develop? By the mid-eighteenth century the world view was a system constrained by physical laws. The idea of a mechanical universe tends to be associated with sixteenth and seventeenth century pioneers. Yet investigations based around the Antikythera Mechanism show that the mechanical conception has been around for a much longer time. The discovery and functions of the Antikythera Mechanism by modern imaging methods will be described, a claim will be made that knowledge of mechanical representations of the universe was critical in the development of cosmology and philosophy.


Lectures held at 7.30pm in the William Penny Theatre. The
theatre entrance can be found on the A340 Basingstoke to Newbury
road, just before the Heath End Roundabout at Tadley. Do not use
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IOP London and Southeast Branch
02 Sep 2019 19:30 to 20:30
William Penny Theatre, Recreational Society,
United Kingdom
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