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BAA Meeting

This is an open meeting for British Astronomical Association members and we welcome Institute of physics members to join us.

Our afternoon programme will be: - 

14:30    BAA President – Welcome

14:45   Fred Nye (BAA Member) – ‘Latitude movements of solar prominences 2010 – 2017’

Synopsis - Prominence latitudes were used to track the position of solar magnetic field boundaries over nine years. Visual methods were used. Equatorial field boundary positions were closely linked with active regions until solar maximum in 2014. Polar zone boundary migration towards the poles coincided with N/S magnetic field reversals, with polar ‘crowns’ forming in 2013/14. Day-to-day prominence positions marked the orientation and meridian bearing angles of their parent filaments: the derived net mean magnetic field direction was precisely aligned with the sun’s N-S meridian. An excess of westward- diverging boundaries peaked at solar maximum, suggesting an interaction between the sun’s poloidal and toroidal magnetic fields.

15:35   Tea

16:10    Dr Julian Onions (Nottingham University) – ‘A universe from scratch’

Synopsis - Astronomy is mostly a visual and non-experimental science. We can only look at what is out there but can't bring stars and galaxies into the lab. However we can build them inside computers and attempt to simulate them. In this talk, we will see how simulations can show us how the universe evolves and what we can do with them, and what areas we are still struggling to make models of.

17:00   Mary McIntyre will give the Sky Notes for February and March

17:45    Close

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British Astronomical Association
25 Jan 2020 14:30 to 18:00
Institute of Physics
N1 9BU
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