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Boulby Underground Laboratory visit

The IOP North East branch is putting on a visit to the underground lab at Boulby for IOP members.

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Registration deadline: Sunday 29 September

"Boulby Underground Laboratory is the UK’s deep underground science facility located 1.1km below ground in Boulby mine, a working potash, polyhalite and salt mine in the North East of England. Boulby is a special place for science, enabling a wide range of studies requiring access to the geologically interesting and ultra-low background deep underground environment."

This is a great opportunity to visit a world class laboratory preforming cutting edge research into dark matter, Muon Tomography, Astrobiology and more a kilometre below ground!

We will offer transport from Darlington Train station leaving at 10:45am or you can make your own way there.

You must be an IOP member to attend this visit.

Organised By
IOP North East branch
16 Oct 2019 12:00 to 18:00
ICL Boulby
TS13 4UZ
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