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**** CANCELED **** The most dangerous experiments in Physics!

Update: In view of the rapidly-evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, this Lecture has been canceled.


The Institute of Physics and the University of Wolverhampton are pleased to host Dr. Martin Khechara , from the University of Wolverhampton, for an Evening Lecture addressed to the general public.

The talk will start at 19:30 with refreshments served from 19:00. It is free and open to all audiences (no age restriction).

We kindly request registration via event-brite to help us provide enough catering.

As every other enterprise of exploration, Science can be quite a risky business. Some of the most dangerous experiments ever performed, like the Trinity test, controlled fusion, the LHC close to creating black holes, or the Extreme Light Infrastructure on the verge of tearing-out spacetime, are within the realm of Physics (experiments in biology and/or with people can also be notoriously nasty).

In this closing lecture to the Series (not coming last for safety reasons), Dr. Khechara - the outreach scientist who goes where nobody has gone before - will give an overview of some of the most dangerously mad experiments ever performed, and will actually proceed to bring some of them on stage, putting himself at risk against the elements of nature, in a fight against electricity, radioactivity, gravity, chemistry, light and matter. All this in under one hour.

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IOP West Midlands Branch
29 Apr 2020 19:00 to 21:00
University of Wolverhampton
United kingdom
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