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**** CANCELED **** Playing with weird quantum fluids and making them do things

Update: In view of the rapidly-evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, this Lecture has been canceled.

The Institute of Physics and the University of Wolverhampton are pleased to host Dr. Hamid Ohadi, from the University of St Andrews, for an Evening Lecture addressed to the general public.

The talk will start at 19:30 with refreshments served from 19:00. It is free and open to all audiences (no age restriction).

We kindly request registration via event-brite to help us provide enough catering.

Physics broadly studies two types of objects: light and matter. In modern physics, where everything comes down to "particles", this gives rise to force-carrying particles, the bosons, of which the photons—the particles of light—are the most famous examples, as well as a wealth of material particles (electrons, nucleons, together forming atoms, etc.) One of the greatest success of Physics was to describe the interactions between these particles, in particular the interaction between light and matter (quantum electrodynamics). In the low-energy, non-relativistic limit known as quantum optics, one can bring one photon to interact strongly with one material excitation, thus giving rise to new objects which are neither light nor matter but a mixture of both, inheriting their opposite characteristics, such as light-speed propagation and very strong interactions. Dr. Hamid Ohadi, who leads the Quantum Fluids of Light group in the University of St Andrews, will introduce these strange quantum objects and show how, by condensing them into fluids, he can manage to make them perform fascinating tricks in his laboratory, opening new venues of fundamental research and promising ground-breaking applications.

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IOP West Midlands Branch
03 Apr 2020 19:00 to 21:00
University of Wolverhampton
United kingdom
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