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Tuesday 24th March 2020 - Dr David Phillips (University of Exeter)

Lecture Title: Digital light shaping: from light driven micro-robotics to seeing through scattering

Abstract: What is digital light shaping? In this talk I will explain how we can now precisely and dynamically spatially pattern the intensity and phase of laser beams. This capability has triggered a raft of new technologies, and here I will focus on two of them: Light driven micro-robotics: Light carries momentum. This momentum can be used to capture and move around microscopic objects. This technique is called 'Optical tweezers’, and its inventor, Arthur Ashkin, shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018 for his discovery. Optical tweezers act like miniature tractor beams inside a microscope - and using them allows us to not only observe the microscopic world, but also interact with it, move things around to build structures, and measure tiny picoNewton scale forces between objects such as living cells. I will discuss how we are applying robotic principles to optical tweezers - to create devices that can explore micro-scale environments autonomously. Seeing through scattering: Light can pass through opaque objects such as frosted glass, a sugar cube, or even living tissue. Yet we can’t see through these materials. This is because during its passage, the light is scattered multiple times, scrambling the spatial information it carries and corrupting the formation of images. In the last decade, it was realised that many of these extremely complicated scattering systems are deterministic in nature. Therefore, we can use digital light shaping technology to measure and reverse their scattering effects – unscrambling the light back to the state it was in before it entered the medium. I will describe how these developments promise a new generation of cameras, capable of unscrambling light to peer deep inside living tissue.

All talks start at 7.30pm in the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22 - 26 George Street, with refreshments from 7.00 pm

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24 Mar 2020 19:30 to 21:00
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