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Cryogenic Electronics 2020

Cryogenic electronics is of critical importance in many fields including quantum technologies, astronomy and particle physics.

The Quantum Computing & Simulation Hub, in partnership with the KTN, have organised an event to bring together scientists, engineers and industry across all relevant disciplines and advance the integration of electronics at cryogenic temperatures.

We hope to progress towards demonstrating the relevance and market size of cryogenic electronics and combine resources to solve common challenges. We present a state-of-the-art picture for all relevant stakeholders and welcome foundries and industry stakeholders interested in further engagement with this technology.


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Including the following sessions and speakers,

•  Recent Advances in Cryogenics - Professor Richard Haley, University of Lancaster

• Field programmable gate arrays - Professor David Riley, University of Sydney

• Interconnected multiplexers - Dr Thomas Ohki, Raytheon BNN

• Superconducting qubits - Dr Peter Leek, University of Oxford

• Trapped ions - Dr Sebastian Weidt, University of Sussex

• Solid state spin qubits - Professor John Morton, Quantum Motion

• Single photon detector applications - Professor Robert Hadfield, University of Glasgow

• Cryogenics in particle physics - Professor Edward Daw, University of Sheffield

• Terahertz imaging - Dr Simon Doyle, University of Cardiff

• Millikelvin electronics - Dr Ed Laird, University of Lancaster

• Amplifiers - Dr Johnathan Williams, National Physical Laboratory

• Cryogenic CMOS - Professor Edoardo Charbon, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

• Signal generation and control - Dr Oleg Mukhanov, SeeQC

• Digital to analogue converters - Mr Michael Sieberer, Infineon

Organised By
Quantum Computing & Simulation Hub, in partnership with the KTN
29 Oct 2020 09:30 to 16:30
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