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Early Career Research in Biological Physics

This meeting organized by the Biological Physics Group (BPG) of the IOP will showcase a range of experimental and theoretical Biological Physics research presented exclusively by early career researchers. The BPG is a community of scientists focused on the study of systems that are either biological in origin or serve as informative models thereof, enabling new insights into biology from physics tools and techniques, and new insights into physics inspired from biology. The biological systems of interest to the group vary widely in scale from the molecular to whole ecosystems; nonetheless, they share a common theme: the application, and development, of physical techniques and conceptual models to the living world. This online event, for both members and non-members, will highlight research that covers both fundamental and applied aspects of biophysical research, and will feature cutting-edge experimental methods that are employed both in in vitro and in vivo settings. Finally, the meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by to early career researchers, including ongoing aspects of the COVID pandemic.

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IOP Biological Physics Group
08 Dec 2021 09:00 to 16:15
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