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Electromagnetism with Confidence

Have you been asked to teach electromagnetic topics in a GSCE Physics course, but do not feel comfortable/familiar with this area? Or are you a technician who are asked to support this practical work. This workshop will enable you to try out the relevant experimental work and explore the underlying physics.
Do you have lots of different equipment but are not sure how to use it?
What will it cover?• Potential difference – models to help understanding• Potential dividers including their uses• Electromagnets• Electromagnetic induction and generators• Catapult field and the motor effect• Transformers• Overhead power cables and the national grid• Power stations• Diodes in use
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Organised By
Stimulating Physics Network
22 Mar 2019 10:00 to 15:00
Brooke Weston Academy
United Kingdom
NN18 8LA
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