Image for Evening Lecture: Lifting the Veil on Galaxy Evolution

Evening Lecture: Lifting the Veil on Galaxy Evolution

“Lifting the Veil on Galaxy Evolution”

Prof Cristina Popescu, University of Central Lancashire

One of the biggest puzzles concerning galaxy evolution and baryonic physics on scales of hundreds of kilo-parsec is the mechanism by which galaxies can accrete gas to fuel the ongoing star-formation in their disks. In this talk I will show that physical processes involving interstellar and intergalactic dust are expected to play a major role in regulating the accumulation of baryons in galaxies and their condensation into stars. All this requires a quantitative analysis of the interaction between dust, gas, radiation and cosmic rays. Here I will review progress in the modelling of some of these processes in our attempt to lift the dust from our view of galaxies and lift the veil on galaxy evolution.

Image Copyright: HubbleSite

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IOP West Midlands Branch
25 Feb 2020 19:30 to 20:30
Poynting Building
B15 2TT
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