Image for Fireworks - Real Science or Just Bangs? A Lecture by Matthew Tosh

Fireworks - Real Science or Just Bangs? A Lecture by Matthew Tosh

A highly popular show-style lecture which unpicks some of the obvious and less-than-obvious STEM behind putting on firework displays and live events. It deconstructs the STEM of firework display operation - from ignition to the visual and aural spectacle. We examine the components that go into making a spectacular live firework display and how science, technology, engineering and mathematics ensure that displays are both accurate and safe for the public.

Not only will you see how pyrotechnicians create colours, sound effects and perfectly timed bursts in time to music, but you'll also get an insight into the planning that is required to put on a live event, including how we cope with the British weather. Featuring waves, rates of reaction, forces, electron transitions, circuit theory, flames, sparks and real indoor fireworks, this is an exciting, dramatic and thought-provoking show.

This event is sponsored by the IOP

Admission is free. Tickets are ONLY available from the School or the Dorchester Tourist Information Centre (From 22nd October)

Organised By
The Thomas Hardye School (with the IOP)
11 Nov 2019 19:00 to 20:30
The Thomas Hardye School
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