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Galaxy formation and evolution: nature vs nurture

Event Type: Lecture/Talk
Speaker: Dr David Sobral (Lancaster)
Galaxies like the Milky Way are complex islands of stars, gas, dust and dark matter which are often found together. Understanding how galaxies formed and evolved over the large 13.7 billion years since the Big Bang is one of the most complex open questions one can tackle in the understanding of the Universe we live in. Much like humans, galaxies seem to be affected by both internal and external factors which are hard to disentangle. I will discuss how state-of-the-art observations and simulations reveal an exciting, dynamic Universe where galaxies and the large scale structure form in an hierarchical way and affect each other, where self-regulation and nature play a key role, but where nurture within the diversity of the cosmic web can often dominate.
The talk starts at 18.30pm, with refeshments available fom 18.00pm.
Contact Details: Dr Francesca Doddato (Branch Secretary):
[email protected]

Organised By
Institute of Physics Lancashire and Cumbria Branch
10 Apr 2019 18:00 to 20:00
Cavendish Colloquium Room
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