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Gareth Roberts Memorial Lecture

Professor Maria Merlyne De Souza (Sheffield University) presents a lecture entitled "From CMOS to neuromorphic computing: A peek into the future".

At the heart of the electronics revolution lies a three-terminal transistor: the humble Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect transistor (MOSFET). Combining p and n type MOSFETs forms the basic unit of complementary logic that inverts a signal from ‘1’ to ‘0’ and vice versa. Scaling of this transistor according to Moore’s law has had a transformative effect on society, giving us products from computers, laptops to smart phones, that have made life virtually unrecognisable from 50 years ago. This talk will focus on the physics of operation of the MOSFET leading towards present day challenges of sub-threshold operation. Combining memory with CMOS presents one possible pathway for massively parallel and highly energy efficient neuromorphic computing  systems of the future.

Maria Merlyne De Souza received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1994. She became Professor of Electronics and Materials at the Emerging technologies Research Centre, De Montfort University in 2003 and Professor of Microelectronics at the University of Sheffield in 2007. She has been a technical and executive committee member of IEEE- International Electron Devices Meeting between 2012-2017 and a technical committee member of the IEEE-International Relibility Physics Symposium 2003-2013. Her current interests are in solid-electrolyte ZnO thin film transistors for synaptic applications and health, on-chip integration for GaN Power Management ICs and high performance RF power amplifiers. She has published over 100 journal papers and 150 conferences. She is member of the scientific committee of the IRT Nanoelec Council France (2017-20), member of the Cledo-Brunetti-award committee (17-20), nominator for the Kyoto award in electronics 2016, reviewer of Helmholtz centre Julich in 2017, member of the Board of Governors (IEEE-EDS society),
2019-21 and a distinguished lecturer of the IEEE EDS society.

The Gareth Roberts Memorial lecture was created to commemorate the life of former IOP North East Branch Secretary, Gareth Roberts, who passed away in 2012.



Please note this event will take place in Lecture Theatre 3 of the Herschel Building at Newcastle University.  

Organised By
IOP North East Branch
30 Jan 2020 19:00 to 20:00
Lecture Theatre 3
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
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