Diagram of Spin Ice

IOP Oxford: Magnetic Monopoles in Spin Ice by Felix Flicker

Get ready for an icy quest to find the pole...  but not as you expect it!

In his research, Dr Flicker may not need to brave the icy oceans or trek across frozen deserts, but like the Antarctic explorers of the early 1900’s on their way to the South Pole, he too is on a mission to find an elusive (mono)pole. Join the IOP London and South East Branch to find out what it would mean to create a new kind of magnet with only a north (or south) pole and how we might get there.   

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Main Image: Prof. Stephen Blundell, Portrait image: John Cairns

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IOP Oxford (London and South East)
04 Feb 2020 18:45 to 20:00
Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
Parks Road
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