Image for IOP SCB lecture: Stranger Worlds, The Sci-Fact in the Sci-Fi

IOP SCB lecture: Stranger Worlds, The Sci-Fact in the Sci-Fi

The October IOP South Central Branch talk brings Brendan Owens, Senior Manager in Public Astronomy at the Royal Observatory Greenwich to talk about the science fact behind science fiction...

Is time travel really possible? Are there aliens? Could we travel between the stars in a lifetime? These are all questions that authors, filmmakers and more have used as inspiration to fuel new creative ideas that have intrigued and excited audiences over the years.

Some of those inspired include scientists who are really exploring those big questions through science, and sometimes they in turn pass on their science knowledge to artists to inspire them. So what are the answers to these questions and how well do filmmakers in particular display the science fact in the science fiction? Astronomer Brendan Owens will help you find out in this tongue-in-cheek talk exploring the do’s and dont's of science fiction while also exploring how sometimes the strangest science fiction is closer to reality than you might think…

This event is free to attend and registration is not required - just come along.

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IOP South Central Branch
08 Oct 2019 19:00 to 20:00
Lecture Theatre G
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