Is it a wave or a particle?

Is it a square or a circle? Now you know how it can be both depending on how you look at it. Next question. Is it a wave or is it a particle? This one is much trickier, and even if you don't have a clue, tricks from game theory such as making a random guess won't help you, especially if you play with a quantum physicist. The answer is the most unexpected, shocking and mind-boggling, not to say bamboozling, ever formulated by Science. In this webinar, Dr. López Carreño will explain why everybody seems to have a different opinion, ever since the times when things didn't even have to be complicated and were just a matter of a few experimental checks, and share his own personal insights on this question that is still as burning today as when it was bringing Newton (the corpuscular guy) to have all the pictures of his wave antagonist, Hooke, destroyed.

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IOP West Midlands & University of Wolverhampton
10 Mar 2021 17:00 to 18:00
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