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Lecture: Planck’s constant

Planck’s constant
Dr Francesco Gonnella, University of Birmingham
In October 1900, Max Planck was trying to find a physical explanation for the so-called, black body radiation spectrum. After countless attempts, Planck made a "desperate act" denying the continuity of nature laws. Something which started innocuously as the colour of light from burning coal had developed into a phenomenon with much deeper meaning, setting the grounds for Quantum Mechanics.
This talk will be an attempt to explain Max Planck's deep intuition, through simpler but not less important examples of physical models. In the end we will discuss mind-blowing behaviours of nature, such as the body-wave duality in the double-slit experiment.

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IoP West Midlands Branch
05 Mar 2019 19:30
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom
B15 2TT
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