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Linking Molecules with Light - IOP Wales Physics Colloquium 'at Swansea'

Prof. William L. Barnes - Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter

In this talk Prof Barnes will look at how large ensembles of molecules can be linked together through a process known as strong coupling. His talk will be in three parts:

  1. provide a conceptual overview of ensemble strong coupling, making use of a little of the subject’s history.
  2. present very recently published data on the use of ellipsometry as a probe of strong coupling. This powerful optical characterization technique is common in materials science but has not been applied to strong coupling before. As we will see, it provides an interesting alternative to standard approaches.
  3. present some unpublished work arising from experiments carried out in the weeks just before lockdown.

This very recent work makes use of microwave metamaterials to simulate strong coupling experiments. Such an approach offers the prospect of tackling a number of questions that are very difficult to envisage in the optical regime. 

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IOP Wales
25 Nov 2020 16:30 to 18:00
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