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Listen to your Process - with Rheality

Rheality Ltd, an emerging spinout from the University of Birmingham (UK), is developing a novel and cost-effective sensor technology for real-time measurement of rheology in the liquid manufacturing industries, deployable in both continuous and batch production lines.

In such industries, quality control of the final product is currently performed by taking samples of the working fluid at regular intervals and carrying out an off-line assessment of its characteristics. When the sample is found to be out-of-spec, the batch is either reworked or scrapped – and on average, this is 14% of the output of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturing lines. 

The technology from Rheality uses an acoustic sensor to ‘listen’ to the fluid in the pipe, and an AI intelligent algorithm to convert the signal into real-time measurements of rheological properties such as viscosity and flow rates, as well as many other physical properties that are associated to the fluid flow. 

The fluid sensor system was co-invented by Dr Federico Alberini, who is an acknowledged expert in rheology measurements and liquid product formulation and Mr Daniel Hefft, a post-graduate researcher. At the event, Dr Federico Alberini will introduce, in collaboration with Dr Francesco Maria Colacino, Rheality’s co-founder, Rheality’s technology, its industrial applications, benefits and how it could revolutionise inline flow measurements.


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14 Oct 2021 19:00 to 20:00
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