Living in a Quantum World


Free Institute of Physics talk at Wakefield College by Professor Vlatko Vedral. All welcome.

Hear about quantum effects being observed in a growing number of macroscopic systems.

Quantum mechanics is commonly said to be a theory of microscopic things: molecules, atoms, subatomic particles. Nearly all physicists, though, think it applies to everything, no matter what the size. The reason its distinctive features tend to be hidden is not a simple matter of scale.

Over the past few years experimentalists have seen quantum effects in a growing number of macroscopic systems. The quintessential quantum effect, entanglement, can even occur in large systems as well as warm ones - including living organisms - even though molecular jiggling might be expected to disrupt entanglement.

Professor Vlatko Vedral is the Head of the Quantum Information Group at Oxford University.

* Free refreshments from 6.30pm

** The nearest train station is Wakefield Westgate. There is free parking on site. If there are no spaces left, then there is street parking around the college. If you are using a parking app, the location codes are: Margret Street 18039, Newstead Road 18040.

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IOP Yorkshire Branch
21 Nov 2019 19:00 to 20:30
Wakefield College
ASIC Lecture Theatre, The University Centre Building
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