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Lockdown Learning - for members with a professional registration

Amanda Rosewarne, CEO & Co-Founder of the CPD Standards Office, will deliver this webinar. As an expert in CPD and lifelong learning, Amanda will share her expertise and cover the following points:


  1. The advantages of making time to learn during lockdown
  2. Understanding self-directed and peer-to-peer learning
  3. Assessing your current and future skills gap
  4. Structuring learning whilst working remotely
  5. The advantages of becoming professionally registered
  6. The importance of recording your CPD
  7. Enhancing employability and promotion by boosting your CV


This interactive webinar will last approximately 55 minutes, and will provide a comprehensive overview of how members with a professional registration can effectively engage in learning during the current crisis. The first 40 minutes will be presenter content punctuated with polls and opportunities to engage in general queries via the chat function. With an additional Q&A session of 15 minutes, there will be opportunities to receive specific advice and guidance in response to individual questions.

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Organised By
Vishanti Fox
19 May 2020 14:00 to 15:00
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