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The Most Important Experiment in Physics: The Double Slit Experiment

Date: 5th December 2019
Time: Lecture starts at 19:00, FREE tea & coffee available in LJ foyer from 18:00
Location: LJ1.75, Lennard Jones Laboratories, Keele University, ST5 5BG
Speaker: Prof Fabrice Laussy (Univeristy of Wolverhampton)
Title: The most important (simplest yet most unfathomable) experiment in Physics: the double slit experiment

Abstract: The most important experiments in Physics, you can easily reproduce by yourself. This includes Galileo's free fall experiment, Archimedes' buoyancy (Eureka) and Eratosthenes' cast shadow from the Sun at its zenith. One of these timeless breakthroughs of the human mind into the secrets of the Universe - the double-slit experiment - ranks well above all the others, if only because, although equally simple, it still baffles Physicists to this day.  It was so subversive by the time Young proposed it that Newton waited for him to die before publishing his Opticks. In this talk, Prof. Laussy will discuss why and what it has to tell us about the World we live in, from whether "things" are waves or particles, to the nature of reality. 

Cost: FREE!

These talks are open to everyone and are sponsored by the West Midlands Branch of the IoP.

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IoP West Midlands Branch (Keele Centre)
05 Dec 2019 19:00 to 20:30
LJ1.75, Lennard Jones Laboratories
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