Multiple images of 3D models and their visual counterparts. Image Credit: ESO/M. Zamani, Nicolas Bonne, S. Brunier, TRAPPIST/ E. Jehin, EHT Collaboration, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Millennium Simulation Project, NASA/ Goddard/ SDO, WMAP Science Team

A Multi-Sensory Inspection of the Universe - IOP North East Branch Feature Talk

Dr Chris Harrison (Newcastle University) and Dr Nic Bonne (University of Portsmouth)

There will be a British Sign Language interpreter at this event.

Beautiful multi-colour images of planets, galaxies and even the region close to a supermassive black hole are regularly presented on television, online and in printed materials. These images are very inspiring and showcase a wide array of the extreme physics of our Universe. However, the images presented are far from what can be seen with the naked eye and usually contain artificial choices of how to colour the images. In this talk we will demonstrate how we can take multi-sensory approaches to enjoy and study the Universe. We will take you an an introductory tour of projects from around the world that present astronomical data or phenomena through tactile models and sound, with applications for education and for professional research. Crucially, these multi-sensory approaches make astronomy more accessible to those who are blind or who have low vision. Tune in for an array of  audio experiences of astronomy, including listening to planets around distant stars and to hearing the stars appear above the Paranal Observatory in Chile.


Dr Chris Harrison is an Astronomer based at Newcastle University. He studies supermassive black holes and galaxies, as well as exploring how sound can be used for Astronomy education and research.

Dr Nic Bonne is an Astronomer and Public Engagement Officer based at the University of Portsmouth. Having had a vision impairment since birth, he uses his experience to develop educational resources to help vision impaired people learn about Astronomy.

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IOP North East Branch
29 Sep 2021 19:00 to 20:15
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