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Mark Gibbons – events organiser at the Cotswold Astronomical Society


Neutrinos are produced by the most elementary nuclear processes in stars, in unimaginably vast numbers. Neutrinos hardly interact with the environment, passing through matter like it wasn’t there. If you wanted to be sure to stop a neutrino, you would need a lead shield 100 light-years thick! We are pervaded by neutrinos – trillions pass through our bodies every second of the day and night. This talk examines these particles in some depth, and asks if they deserve their place as one of the candidate particles for dark matter.


Anyone interested should contact the organiser, James at [email protected] – the email should state you are an IoP member. James will then provide connection details.

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IOP South Central Branch, Bournemouth Natural Science Society
12 Jan 2021 19:30 to 20:30
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