Photographing the Universe

The Universe has been expanding for approximately 13,700 millions of years by now. The fact that we talk about a ‘lifetime' of the Universe, implies implicitly that the Universe has actually begun at some moment. In this Webinar Dr. Figueroa will explain that, in fact, even if surprising to some, it is technically possible to take some sort of photograph of the beginning of the Universe.... well, maybe not of the beginning, beginning itself, but at least of some infinitesimal small fraction of a second after the Universe had commenced to exist. He will explain myths and facts about our current scientific understanding of the very first moments of the Universe. In particular, he will explain how misleading it is to assume (as popular culture often does) that there is an initial ‘Big Bang’, and he will discuss, at a lay level, what is the scientific expectation to obtain direct observational evidence from these primordial moments of the Universe.

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IOP West Midlands & University of Wolverhampton
16 Dec 2020 17:00 to 18:00
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