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Physics-based Contributions to new Medical Techniques (PCMT)

Almost every week there are announcements of new medical techniques which promise significant improvement in diagnosis, treatment and future prevention of life-threatening conditions and disabilities.  Some of these, such as those based on improved early detection by analytical systems, can be used fairly quickly whilst others need further tests and development. 

For example, proton beam therapy offers far better control of the area of energy deposition than previously possible so that infected regions can be removed with minimal damage to surrounding areas.  This development is physics-based and made possible through advancement in ion implantation.

Universities and Companies involved in analytical techniques, medical products and bacteria control are encouraged to attend and will find the event a useful guide to future projects.

Organised By
IOP Ion and Plasma Interactions Group
27 Nov 2019 10:00 to 17:00
Institute of Physics
N1 9BU
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