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Physics in Food Manufacture

IOP Physics in Food Manufacturing Conference to be held in Leeds 15th to 17th January 2020, Weetwood Hall, Leeds. We have held three previous highly successful conferences addressed by leading Physicists such as Julia Yeomans (Oxford), Mike Cates (Cambridge), Bill Frith (Unilever) Raffaele Mezzenga (ETH) and Wilson Poon (Edinburgh).

Our approach is to emphasise the physics underlying food manufacturing and provide a forum where industrial and academic scientists and engineers can meet. Coverage will reflect the role that physics and physicists play in solving the inherently multidisciplinary science and technology challenges in food manufacturing – from designing safe, nutritious and great-tasting foods to the process technology and manufacturing knowledge needed to deliver compelling product innovation.

The conference this year is organised jointly with the IOP Liquids and Complex Fluids group under the following seven themes:

  • Complex Fluids and Rheology (including  Surface rheology, Extensional flows in food and oral processing)
  • Measurement Science Challenges and Physical Measurements in foods.
  • Process Engineering and Manufacture (including powder handling, conveying, in-line rheology, rheological changes, thickening, gelatinisation)
  • Flows in Sensory Physics (e.g. “crispy-crunchiness”, vibro-tacticity, creaminess)
  • Colloid Science in Foods (Including physics in digestion and particles at interfaces)
  • Physics in digestion including flow
  • Physics of Food Macromolecules
Organised By
IOP PiFM Committee
15 Jan 2020 to 17 Jan 2020 10:00 to 14:00
Weetwood Hall
West Yorkshire
LS16 5PS
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