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Physics Meets Biology 2021

Biologically inspired Physics is an extraordinarily wide field, covering the behaviour of systems from single molecular machines to organisms and even ecosystems. Physics Meets Biology 2021 will provide a view of the most recent and exciting research across a broad range of topics and scales: its scope includes physical probes and imaging, bionanotechnology and synthetic biology, molecular machinery, cytoskeletal mechanics, signalling, control, neural systems, development, evolution and ecology. The conference is organised around an international programme of invited speakers and will include contributed talks and poster sessions. Its state of the art research coverage is designed to inform experts of the latest developments; it will also provide a valuable introduction to biophysical research for junior researchers including graduate students. Physics Meets Biology 2021 is the seventh in the series organised by the Biological Physics Group of the Institute of Physics.

Organised By
IOP Biological Physics Group
26 Jul 2021 to 28 Jul 2021 09:00 to 15:00
University of Oxford
Parks Road
United Kingdom
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