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Polonium-210 as a Poison and Carcinogen: the Litvinenko Inquiry

Speaker:  Dr. John Harrison (Public Health England)


Alexander Litvinenko died on 23rd November 2006 in University College Hospital after having drunk tea containing polonium-210 at the Millenium Hotel on 1st November. The report of the Litvinenko Inquiry was published on 21st January 2016. This talk will outline evidence presented to the Inquiry on the physical properties and biological effects of polonium-210 in relation to what is known about other alpha-particle emitting radionuclides and external gamma rays.  It will show that death within days or weeks was the inevitable consequence of the ingestion of polonium-210 by Alexander Litvinenko. Cancer risks at lower levels of exposure will also be discussed.

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  • Wheelchair access
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  • Coffee and Tea from 19:00

Urgent:  Because of a large ticketed public event in the Cathedral Close on the 20th, the St Ann's Gate entrance will be closed and check-points set up at the other two gates.  The organisers know about our meeting in Sarum College but to save time bring along a copy of this page to show at the check-point.  Showing tickets for the event may help but unfortunately they are only available for IOP members. Car parking will be limited or non-existent.

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20 Feb 2020 19:30 to 21:00
Sarum College
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