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Quantum devices for thermodynamics at the nanoscale

Tuesday 3rd December 2019 - Dr Natalia Ares (University of Oxford)

Lecture Title: Quantum devices for thermodynamics at the nanoscale

Abstract: Understanding how thermodynamics operates at small scales, where fluctuations are significant and quantum behaviour arises, may reveal possibilities for entirely novel technologies. We can explore thermodynamics in this limit by combining exquisite control over mechanical degrees of freedom and the quantum states of confined electrons. I will show how to detect the displacement of a carbon nanotube approaching the standard quantum limit near the phonon ground state. This capability, with quantum dots embedded in the carbon nanotube, allowed us to explore the impact of electron tunnelling on the mechanical energy, including the excitation of coherent self-oscillations. I will discuss the potential of these findings to pave the way for experiments on quantum thermodynamics, in particular, for direct measurements of work exchange in the quantum regime.

All talks start at 7.30pm in the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22 - 26 George Street, with refreshments from 7.00 pm

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03 Dec 2018 19:30 to 21:00
Royal Society of Edinburgh
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