Nasa drawing of Seasat and photograph of the pitch-roll buoy used to check its measurement of sea waves.

Rough days in the Rockall Trough - checking some of the first satellite measurements of sea waves.

Speakers:  David Webb and Keith Birch

As the first Salisbury meeting for some time, this will be a fairly informal event designed primarily to allow people to meet again, to test how the meetings will work with limited numbers and, for those that cannot attend, to test the facilities available in Sarum College for broadcasting the meeting on-line.

The proposed talk will cover a study carried out many years ago at a time when the satellite Seasat was first launched.  This contained a radar altimeter and one of the aims of the mission was to map sea state worldwide.  At the time UK oceanographers were working in the Rockall Trough as part of an international project studying the effect of the autumn storms on the surface layers of the ocean. This provided a good opportunity to check the quality of the satellite measurements.

The talk will explain how the satellite altimeter could measure sea wave height and also discuss the equipment used to measure the sea 'truth' and some of its role in the history of sea wave measurements around the UK.   

The event is free to attend but numbers will be limited so please register if you intend to come.

Venue information:
       * Wheelchair access
       * Free parking
       * Coffee and Tea from 19:00

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Organised By
IOP South West Branch
19 Oct 2021 19:30 to 21:00
Sarum College
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