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The Science & Art of... Running!

The Institute of Physics and the University of Wolverhampton are pleased to host Prof. David Whittaker, from the University of Sheffield, for an Evening Lecture addressed to the general public.

The talk will start at 19:30 with refreshments served from 19:00. It is free and open to all audiences (no age restriction).

We kindly request registration via event-brite to help us provide enough catering

According to legend, Pheidippides, the first marathoner, ran from Athens to Sparta in less than 36 hours. After the Battle of Marathon, he ran straight to Athens to inform of the Greek victory over Persia. He did all that barefoot. In our days where science can optimize everything, even activities practiced since antiquity, like running, have been put to the scrutiny of analysis, simulation and experimentation. Yet, there are several cases where the old-way-to-do-it seems to overcome all ingenious and sophisticated engineering strategies to boost our efficiency and performances. Running is a typical case where an extremely minimalist approach seems to compete with the best sporty gear, and several champions crossed the line first in top competition events without shoes. In this off-the-beaten-track Lecture (sensitive soles, beware), Prof. David Whittaker will review some of the science about the evolution of humans as endurance runners, and discuss the science (or rather lack of it) of the benefits of running shoes. He will also share some personal reflections of his career as a barefoot runner over the last 10 years.



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IOP West Midlands Branch
06 Nov 2019 19:00 to 21:00
University of Wolverhampton
Wulfruna street
West Midlands
United Kingdom
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