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Seeing with Atoms by Prof. Paul Dastoor

The IOP and Oxford University are pleased to present Prof Paul Dastoor, Leverhulme Visiting Professor, University of Cambridge.

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Imaging is the key to discovery in science and yet conventional microscopes can damage delicate materials and devices; altering the very structures that they are trying to see. However, the scanning helium microscope (SHeM) opens a new window on science; providing for the first time completely non-damaging imaging using beams of neutral helium atoms. This talk will explain the importance of microscopy in science and descibe how the development of the SHeM revolutionises the imaging of delicate materials (such as biological samples) and the potential for damage-free microscopy to impact society. The presentation will also highlight the importance of international collaboration in science and its role in the development of new technology.

The talk starts at 19:00 with refreshements served shortly beforehand.

Title Figure: SHeM images of dorsal skin from a female Port Jackson shark. (a) A ca. 3 x 4 mm section of skin, including several dermal denticles protruding out of the underlying surface. Scale bar 1 mm. (b) Zoomed region of the same area of tissue. 3D SHeM imaging was used to measure the heights of the denticles. Scale bar 500

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21 Nov 2019 18:45 to 20:00
Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
Parks Road
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