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Silicon Quantum Information Processing 2019

The benefits of silicon as a host material for QIP have been made clear by recent demonstrations of long-lived, high-fidelity silicon qubits and multi-qubit gates. A scalable QIP architecture will also require long-range qubit coupling, robust and scalable fabrication processes, and schemes to correct errors and protect against decoherence. This meeting will bring together leading researchers from the silicon QIP community who are interested in meeting these challenges. Topics of interest include:

  • Silicon nanodevices and qubit implementations
  • Qubits and nanodevices based on semiconductor
  • Superconductor hybrids
  • Circuit quantum electrodynamics interfaced with spins in semiconductors
  • Scalable architectures and fabrication processes
  • Improving immunity to environmental noise


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IOP Groups
12 Sep 2019 09:00 to 17:00
Hughes Hall
United Kingdom
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