Image for  A star’s life and death as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope

A star’s life and death as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope

Free Institute of Physics talk at Wakefield College by Dr Olivia Jones. All welcome. 

The James Webb Space Telescope, which is due to be launched from French Guiana in 2021, is the biggest space astronomy project for a generation. Webb will observe the universe in the infrared and will have a telescope mirror 6.5 m in diameter. This is so large that it will need to be folded up to fit inside the rocket for launch!

Webb, with its complement of infrared instrumentation offering an unparalleled combination of sensitivity and diffraction limited performance, will open a new window on the universe. The telescope will look for the first bright objects in the universe, how stars and planets form, and for the chemical signatures of life on distant planets.

In this talk Dr Jones will give both an overview of the revolutionary engineering and science that has and will be achieved by Webb, including a discussion on the engineering challenges involved in building the largest telescope in space and the science which she will be doing with Webb once it launches.

Dr Olivia Jones works at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.

* Free refreshments from 6.30pm

** The nearest train station is Wakefield Westgate. There is free parking on site. If there are no spaces left, then there is street parking around the college. If you are using a parking app, the location codes are: Margret Street 18039, Newstead Road 18040 

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IOP Yorkshire Branch
16 Jan 2020 19:00 to 20:30
Wakefield College
ASIC Lecture Theatre, The University Centre Building
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