Image for Wave-Particle Duality and the Frightening Consequences

Wave-Particle Duality and the Frightening Consequences

Professor Roy Sambles, FRS. Past President of IOP

Three of the greatest Western scientists were distracted by the question ‘What exactly is light?’ Newton rhetorically suggested that rays of light were ‘very small bodies emitted from shining substances’. Young, with his double slit experiment, provided convincing proof of the wave characteristic of light. Then Einstein, by explaining the photoelectric effect, developed a quantum theory of light. But who is actually correct? All are! This demonstration lecture will explore some of the disturbing aspects of wave-particle duality.

Part of British Science Week

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IOP West Midlands Branch
10 Mar 2020 19:30 to 21:00
Malvern St. James School
WR14 3BA
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